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NewGpi is an innovative international market research technology company headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The main business is to provide server room services around the world, web3.0 game development, Metaverse industry layout, and game value-added product development. We provide customers with diversified products and services such as web3 game AI script, international game trading center and NG currency exchange, covering all regions, game platforms and business models in the world. We hope to always be at the forefront of global and local trends, to provide customers with better service and constantly updated technology.

The influx of the global economy has increased people's life and work pressure, and the popularity of Internet terminals and the dependence on smartphones are far greater than any products. Today, the way to decompress is through entertainment digital media, such as games and social media. Increasing reliance on social interaction with the Internet. With the development of network technology and the iteration of smart products, the virtual 3D world of VR also frequently appears in the headlines of major capital markets. The digital economy, metaverse, gamefi, web3.0, online games, etc. contain huge capital markets. The technology of the Internet is changing with each passing day. Web3.0 will be the form of the Internet that will completely change people's lives. web3.0 makes all netizens no longer limited by the accumulation of existing resources, and have more equal opportunities to obtain wealth and reputation. Equipment, clothing, skins, skills, pets, etc. in virtual games are even several times more expensive than luxury goods in real life. But these game coins and equipment are obtained randomly. The player's single-player collection rate is very low, requiring constant manual operations in front of the computer. Investing time and energy is still inefficient. And the computer configuration used at home cannot run multiple games at the same time. So NewGPI company launched NewGPIpro web3 game script.

web3 games are the disruptive medium for online work and entertainment of the future. Because it is different from web2 belonging to a creator or a company. And web3 games require huge computing power. Our existing 4G network and home computer can't handle it perfectly. Therefore, high-performance servers are required to run. And it requires more players to get involved. Therefore, Newgpi promotes to players, and uses the real-name system to register and generate accounts. Use member home network IP to run script commands to execute server game tasks in real time. Run the game through a Neural Network Algorithm (ANN) to get the best returns. The revenue generated by server operation will be concentrated and distributed to the entire network according to the computing power after being sold every few minutes. The platform charges a small service fee. Then settle to the member account. It's no longer a web 2.0 era that's just a game of investing time and money. It is that while players participate in the game to bring value to the game, they can also gain fun and rewards from the game.



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  • Server technology directly affects the development speed of various industries.!



    CPU 32GHz

    RAM 64G

    8GB Video card

    50M bandwidth

    1TB hard disk

    12 Simultaneous online games

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    CPU 16GHz

    RAM 24G

    2GB Video card

    20M bandwidth

    512G hard disk

    4 Simultaneous online games

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    CPU 24GHz

    RAM 32G

    4GB Video card

    30M bandwidth

    1TB hard disk

    6 Simultaneous online games

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  • SGP-F.Type


    CPU 8GHz

    RAM 8G

    2GB Video card

    10M bandwidth

    512G hard disk

    3 Simultaneous online games

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