It's not that wealth is too far away from us, but the traditional model needs to be innovated.

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How does NewGPIpro make money? First of all, we need to understand the division of labor in the game. 70% of players in large online games consume time, do tasks, earn currency issued by the system, and then buy cards to play games, and 20% are self-sufficient. All earned currency is spent in-game. The other 10% are the people with the strongest spending power. Currency earned by acquiring other players in the game. Use currency to buy equipment, clothing, skins or pets from other players. Consumption power is concentrated in these 10% of the population, and these 10% of the population support the value system of the entire game. Such as DISCORD game. A lot of players tap the keyboard in front of the computer day and night to earn nft and then exchange it for money. Then star holders and socialites go to hold specific items. As the 10%, the value system of the project is maintained. 70% of the game are ordinary players, and 20% are professional game unions. 10% are rich. Then web3 games are in the decentralized virtual ecology. The division of labor is equally important. Who is the game union and who is the ordinary player. Who is maintaining the value system. Who will support the ceiling of the project? As the name suggests, NewGPIpro acts as a porter for that 20%. The closed loop in games is that game playability retains users. The output of quest activities will retain the game union, and the embodiment of equipping the Treasure Pavilion will retain the rich who support the value system. Let the game virtual ecology develop sustainably. The perfect value system of the game makes the game playability continue to increase. form a virtuous circle. Therefore, in a popular game, the value of running tasks intelligently and reasonably will always exist. It's just that we exchange the value of physical health in front of the computer for a long time, which is not cost-effective. Games compete for attention, and time is limited. At this time, the birth of NewGPIpro made up for the time we invested. And in the output of the game, no one cares whether you are staying up late or the script is executing instead of you.

NewGPIpro is a game running script developed by our company's 50 world's top software engineers after 5 years of multi-version iterations and running the new AI intelligence! All you need is a computer, spend $45 to buy the game script, rent a server, enter your script code in the computer game script you downloaded, as long as your computer runs 24 hours without interruption. It will create income for you 24 hours a day.

When the game is executed on the computer, all the data will eventually be loaded into the memory, the computer's CPU executes various instructions in the program, and the other class A is the data provided to the CPU for some operations required to execute the instructions. The game data collected by NewGPIpro through Linear Regression is interacted with Decision Trees, processed by Artificial Neural Networks, and combined with the API provided by the game engine to replace manual operations. A high-performance cloud server room is used to run multiple games at the same time, the front-end computer script executes task instructions 24 hours a day, generates game accounts on various platforms through the real-name system of members, and simulates real players with home network IP to create game scenarios. Realize 24-hour game execution tasks. The games in the database running on the server include tens of thousands of mainstream web3 games currently in the European, Asian and North American markets. Dozens of popular games are added to the game script library every day, tens of thousands of game characters are updated every day, the database is continuously updated, and intelligent allocation is run in the game script. Make sure to stay active in every popular game. Combined with the multi-national high defense server room, the final command is injected into the simulation game to run, and the game automatically initiates pk, upgrade, copy, and treasure hunt, bringing benefits to users. And signed contracts with major game trading platforms to successfully achieve the purpose of P2E!

The gold coins earned in the game will be exchanged for NG coins on the NewGPI platform in real time. NG coin is an NTF game token. It cooperates with ten well-known world game trading platforms and has a stable exchange rate. It can be exchanged for legal currency in different countries in real time for withdrawal operations!



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