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New technology brings the power of Web 3.0 to the Web 2.0 game

New blockchain scaling technology has arrived, making transactions cheaper and faster than ever before, fulfilling the true promise of decentralized technology.

Players don't need to invest a lot of money in game items, because once the player loses interest or the game fails, these items disappear. Game developers can still offer a similar set of potential in-game purchases - perhaps even more diverse - but they can offer them at a lower price that they might not even consider in the current model , and then earn extra revenue by running game marketplaces and P2P transactions, taking a small fee from each transaction.

NEWGPIpro combined with web3 uses real-name authentication of members to generate game accounts. The script executes game commands on the user's computer terminal combined with the user's real network ip as the server, allowing the game to automatically run the most efficient game execution tasks without human intervention, 24 hours a day. Switch characters and game accounts to collect game value created by game running. And every few minutes, the game currency is automatically traded in real time in exchange for NG currency. It not only creates benefits for users, but also activates the game data of game companies. This is a brand new game scripting mode. At the same time, it is because the combination of the real names of NEWGPI members and the real IP network ensures the authenticity of the game and the game scene that the game company hopes to achieve.

Allowing for lower up-front costs can encourage a larger percentage of players to buy in-game assets. So by providing a marketplace for trading, players can rest assured that they haven't really "lost" value, but just converted it into the game world, where they can reacquire it at any time if they so desire - perhaps even profitably at the top. Activity in these markets will provide developers with a steady stream of revenue as long as they remain active. In addition, as the game grows, developers can continuously add new assets to the game, thereby increasing the earning and trading possibilities among players.

It's a win-win for both the player and the company behind the game. This model builds on and expands on Web 2.0 gaming to give players more control and more monetization options for gaming companies. Even better, we don't need to wait for a new generation of Web 3.0 games to accept this (though they're coming). Even now, 2.0 games can execute these systems on current platforms.

This means that soon, games that everyone is familiar with can be upgraded to include this new in-game purchase and sales model. This, in turn, could bring new life to an already beloved virtual world. The recent buzz surrounding the rise of the metaverse -- the idea of ​​a "meta-platform," or an extension of the internet that could connect all of these unique products -- is proof that this technology will be the key to realizing this grand vision.

There's nothing wrong with current games, but new technology takes today's gaming environment to a whole new level. Also, if consumers are already accustomed to the new NFT model, blockchain-native games will be more popular because they already use this model in their favorite games. The bottom line is that while evolution is coming, there's no reason it can't be integrated into existing products, and developers who don't jump on the bandwagon now may find themselves struggling to catch up soon.



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